Keto Diet

I am so excited to start talking about a new diet I have been trying for the month of February. In January, I already cut out DAIRY (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.), pasta and bread. The next obstacle was taking out rice and most importantly CARBS. All of this did not happen overnight so let me explain how to make a diet effective so that you don't just crash and go back to old habits.

To start off, my best friend Myoshi and I were working out one day at Planet Fitness when somebody asked us if we wanted some more workout ideas. The guy (he goes by "Kraz") showed us a website called, which I have already recommended to multiple friends to use. It gives you different programs and workouts to follow day by day depending on the type of build you are trying to achieve. I am looking to tone so I try to focus the most on abs along with biceps and chest workouts. Kraz started working out with us everyday, which was another plus because now we have motivation and someone to teach us how to workout the "right" way. Next step to working out was realizing the importance of a good diet. We were skeptical at first with the idea of losing about 20 lbs in a month just by following the diet he proposed to us. It's called the "KETO DIET." The diet is structured around training your body to intake "FAT," while completely cutting out carbs, so that when you are working out you will burn fat since there are no carbs for your body to worry about. This will help you shed weight and then tone. It sounds crazy to think that you want to consume more "FAT" but I was skeptical until I saw results and Myoshi even lost 10 lbs in the first 7 days.


Below are a few ways to follow the KETO DIET:


  • Protein Shake (I personally use Juice Plus +)
    • Make sure your protein does not contain too many calories or it can act as a meal replacement so you would have to opt out of the next breakfast option.
    • Juice Plus + in itself is a meal replacement so I sometimes drink it instead of having breakfast.
    • Mix your protein with water (no MILK)
  • 2-3 Eggs (Scrambled, Omelette or Boiled) with Spinach or Kale, an avocado and a side Bacon (Turkey or Pork) [try not to use too many onions in eggs better to replace with peppers]


  • Nuts (specifically Macadamia Nuts or Almonds)
    • Portion control is key! Only eat a little smaller than a handful [too many nuts contains a lot of calories even though it is a good source of protein]
  • Your choice of SALMON or CHICKEN with greens such as KALE or SPINACH
    • Make sure to have either one baked or grilled
    • You can cook with butter and/or garlic
    • Don't use too much salt and pepper
    • You can add peppers or mushrooms for flavor
    • You can use hot sauce, just no bbq sauce
    • Refrain from using too much romaine lettuce [it essentially does no good or harm so just replace it with spinach or kale if possible]
    • Adding grape tomatoes is a plus
    • Be careful when adding any dressing (read the calories and sugar)
      • I don't bother using dressing and I eat it as is.


  • Your choice of another kind of meat or seafood (STEAK, PORK, SHRIMP, etc.)
    • You can switch it up so that you are not eating the same thing for lunch and dinner.
  • You can have KALE or SPINACH again or have it with just a SALAD or EGGS
  • Remember to not fry any meat or seafood you choose to have. 
    • Baked or grilled is best!

This structure for the diet is how I pretty much followed it. On some days where you might not want to have such a big lunch and dinner you can opt out for SOUP for either meal. Make sure it's a soup where majority of it is broth. So, in case you are thinking of chicken noodle soup, then take out the noodles or potatoes or carrots it might have inside.



In the first week of trying this diet you will notice that you will have a very dry mouth. Make sure you are drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, which equates to eight 8 oz glasses. Feel free to drink more. 

I mentioned what you should eat throughout the diet so let me just clarify that if I did not list it, then do not eat it. Well at least not yet. So remember this diet is to train your body to avoid surviving off carbs. Please make sure you avoid FRUITS! Yes, FRUITS! lol They contain way too much sugar. Also STOP drinking JUICE, MILK and SODA! Just stick to water and you can also have almond milk or coconut milk (which ever you prefer as your substitute for milk but don't have too much).

As I mentioned in my previous post, "Healthy Eating," I stopped eating dairy so for this current diet I don't eat cheese but I won't cheat you guys out of something I used to love lol. Yes you can have cheese on this diet so feel free to eat it with your eggs. I personally still refuse to eat cheese because I know it is really hard for my body to digest so I don't even bother. The easiest way to follow this diet is to avoid going out to eat and just try to cook everything for yourself at home. This is the best way to avoid temptation and get on the right track.


Above is a picture of a KETO stick which will help you stay on track. After completing the diet for 7 days, you can test yourself to make you sure are burning fat or as Kraz likes to call it "when your're in the ZONE." The darker the color the more fat you are burning. You can buy these strips at your local Walmart, Walgreens, Target, etc. You have to first pee in a cup, put the strip in it and count 2 seconds and take it out, count another 15 seconds and watch the strip change colors. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't change colors. This just means you have to make a few more changes in your diet to get in that zone. 

Dieting is the first part, but remember you need to follow up with a great workout. Recently, I started going to the gym more frequently. Instead of 2-3 days a week, I started going 5-6 days a week. I am definitely on the right track to getting my perfect summer body for 2017. In another post I will go into further detail on what kind of workouts I do that I think contributed a lot to my progress so far.