Healthy Eating


I noticed that with working out 5 times a week I get hungry more often, so I try to drink a lot of water to curve my appetite. A couple of months ago I even started taking a protein shake called, "Juice Plus +." I was introduced to the product by my friend Allyn, who referred me to speak with a Juice Plus + rep Rachel Turner. Click on the link so that she gets credit for you trying out the product.

When using the product, I like to mix it with almond milk or water. This shake helps give me a boost of energy to start off my day. It can act as a meal replacement before or after the gym. With this shake, you can add in fruits to make it into a smoothie but it's not recommended to drink in that way often because of the sugar intake from fruits. After my shakes I like to eat almonds, nuts, raisins, walnuts, pecans etc. as a snack until I am ready to eat a complete meal.  

Juice Plus+ Vitamins

Juice Plus+ Vitamins

I also had to cut out whole milk. I know a lot of people don't even drink whole milk, but I was obsessed. I had a glass of milk whenever I had the chance. I noticed that whole milk added on to my bloating so I substituted that for almond milk. Progressively, I decided to cut dairy products out of my diet completely. As far as the meals I eat for lunch or dinner I like to stick with any meat of my choice for protein and brown rice. I know some people substitute rices with other things like vegetables or quinoa, but I like to be realistic with myself. I am Dominican and "rice" is a staple addition to any meal. However, I stopped eating pasta and bread. Believe it or not the hardest thing to stop eating is probably BREAD. I love cold sandwiches so it sucks to not be able to have it. But I did notice a huge change in my stomach after cutting it out. I am also taking vitamins from Juice Plus + to add on to my vegetables and fruit calorie in take.