Take Your Vitamins


I know some people might have concerns about certain foods that I'm cutting out because of their nutritional value. However, there are alternatives to some of these foods which can be taken as a vitamin. Before looking into any vitamins I would recommend you visiting a doctor. You can discuss your eating habits with the doctor so he or she can give you a consultation on what would benefit you and your body type.

According to my doctor, I lack Vitamin D in my system in addition with being low iron. Having low iron deficiency can cause problems breathing because oxygen has a tougher time traveling from your lungs through your body without it. In combination with a lack a Vitamin D this can lead to weak and fragile bones. To combat this, I started taking a multi-vitamin along with drinking lots of water. Without water your body can face a lot of dehydration, which in the past has led me to fainting or passing out.  Every morning I take the multi-vitamin with the ORB capsules (in the photo below) to help grow my hair, skin and nails. I figured that as I am toning up my body I might as well become more conscious on how I treat other parts of my body. I have always wanted really long hair, clear skin and stronger nails. So hopefully these capsules will be a great start in that direction.

Recently, I included fiber as a part of my morning remedies as well. I take it in as a powder which seems to have the most grams (6g) in comparison to capsules or gummies. I pour the fiber into an 8 oz cup of water and drink it. Fiber is really important because it helps with digestion. It relieves you from constipation and helps with processing all the meat you take in on this diet. The foods that are naturally high in fiber are: beans, lentils, peas, raspberries, blueberries, etc. All these foods are not a part of the diet so it would benefit you to buy some fiber. I bought mine fine GNC, it was roughly about $15.99. You can also go to Vitamin Shoppe or any other shop with supplements and vitamins to buy what suits your body best.