You are what you eat!

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Hey guys!

The wait is over and I’m back to blogging. I spent the past 2 months busy with work responsibilities and moving into a new apartment. I'll get into those details in a later post, but for this one I want to focus on something new I’ve been trying.

Lately, I’ve started to focus on what I’m eating and the amount of money I’m spending on food. I’m big on saving money so I wanted to spend more time buying groceries instead of eating out. I mean what’s better than knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body.

Starting point…size 8 jeans

Starting point…size 8 jeans

So, in May when I came back from my trip to Ireland, I started cutting out meat from my diet. And when I say diet I’m using that word loosely because diets are unrealistic. So, let’s call it better eating habits. I stopped eating chicken, beef, turkey, etc. I wanted a clean slate and to stop eating so much processed food.

The first week was a little rough. I didn’t gradually transition into this eating habit I kind of just said okay on Monday I won’t eat meat and now I’m 3 months into this. I started thinking more about the ingredients in the food I was buying at work or making at home. I looked for alternatives and ate lots of vegetables and beans. Food shopping in this sense wasn’t that hard because most stores have vegan/vegetarian sections with so may options to choose from. I haven’t tried many variations of imitation meat because I understand these alternatives are high in sodium, but so far I really like the beefless ground. You really can’t tell the difference.

After cutting meat off in the first week, cold turkey, I transitioned into eating shrimp and then gradually crab. Naturally, I’m not a seafood lover but with not eating meat I’ve been craving seafood dishes more frequently. Having shrimp from time to time definitely helped settle the desire to eat something with more substance.

Pinterest has given me lots of inspiration on cooking new dishes. I made spinach & artichoke dip, shrimp ceviche, baked ziti, eggplant parmigiana, macaroni tuna salad, etc. There are so many different recipes to try. I will write a few posts sharing some quick recipes. I’m not an expert, but trust me everything tastes bomb with some good seasoning, oh and hot sauce lol always need a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

I’ve noticed that with just altering my eating habits I have slimmed down a bit. The picture above was my starting point so this was before I cut out meat. In a few weeks, I will show a comparison of how my body is adjusting to all the changes made in just 3 months with no exercise and just clean eating.