How to Float in Aruba | Vlog Part 2

I cannot believe it’s May already! Before I move on to post about other things going on in my life, I wanted to finish off my Aruba vlogs. Make sure to watch part 1 below if you haven’t already and then watch part 2!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, my trip to Aruba was really nice. I enjoyed the culture, food and pure relaxation. I definitely want to share some places I highly recommend you visit.

Food wise we did go to the super market so we didn’t each out all the time. However, for the times we did the food was really fresh and amazing. If you like eating seafood then you’ll enjoy their ceviche, lobster, crab etc. On the night of my birthday, I made reservations to a nice restaurant, “The Flying Fishbone”. The restaurant had a very beautiful set up. You had the option to get a table that was in the water and you could put your feet in the sand. If you decide to try this place, just make sure to go on their website and make a reservation ahead of time. Now, although I loved my meal I would say you could save this for a special night because that bill was a bit much!

For some fun activities, I would recommend going to De Palm Island. I found this place while googling some fun things to do in Aruba. This little island is just a 5 minute ferry ride away. You pay $100 for the day and you are able to go on banana boats, eat, drink (including alcohol), go snorkeling, zip lining, and enjoy a small waterpark. I honestly think for the price you will definitely get your money’s worth. The snorkeling was honestly my favorite part lol. I did this before in Mexico and is was sooooo scary but this time I felt more comfortable because the water is so clear.

Other places I would suggest visiting are Arashi Beach and Eagle Beach. In general, it really doesn’t matter which beach you go to because the water is crystal clear all around. I got the best tans after swimming in the ocean for a hour or two. It’s calm water so you don’t have to worry about waves pushing you out.