Gallon Water Challenge

Branching off from my previous post about trying to have better eating habits, in the past week, I started a gallon challenge. I was on on Prime Day just shopping around and I noticed this huge water bottle. So, I decided to order one for Krystal and I. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I normally drink water anyway, but I haven’t been keeping myself as hydrated as I would like. This challenge was to help kick start me drinking more and flushing out my system. I also wanted to see if drinking this much water would do anything for my hair, skin, and weight.

Drinking this much water really curved my appetite, had me using the bathroom more than 5 times a day and kept me hydrated. I don’t know the full extent of the effects it’s had on my skin since it’s only been a week. I can only assume that it will stimulate clearer skin as I continue to flush out toxins from my body.

Everybody keeps asking me where I purchased the bottle I’m using, below is the exact link for you to buy yours. There are lots of colors to choose from: pink, green, purple, blue, orange, etc. The great thing about this bottle is it has a straw, so it makes drinking the water 10x easier and enjoyable. Well not too enjoyable, because by Day 3 I was literally over it. I vlogged some footage of me getting through this challenge, so stay tuned for a video soon.

If you decide to join me on this challenge, then make sure to let me know in the comments below!