Blogmas Day 19: Holiday Stress Relievers


Ok so I have been falling slightly behind on my #blogmas posts. I am trying to catch up with the past couple of days. I have been under some stress with work and it's kind of changed my focus a bit. I don't want to write posts that are boring. So. I decided to pause and regroup myself. I have been going on a couple of interviews and I'm waiting to hear back. I will try my best to keep things going. Christmas is so close and I know I can finish this #blogmas challenge. In this post, I want to mention some holiday stress relievers that help me regroup. 

1. Face Masks

I know I'm not the only girl who does this but when I am really stressed out I immediately do a face mask. It calms me down in a sense. It's like I'm already having a shitty day so why not pamper my skin and make it look good. Stress is probably the main reason why I break out so much. It's annoying because it's inevitable but I have to work with what I have. I buy some masks from CVS.  They're really inexpensive and they normally have 5 for $10.

2. Nails

Getting my nails done is a big help. A manicure and pedicure help putting me in a different setting so I can clear my thoughts. I have a nail salon right down the street. So, it's super convenient to walk there and have that hour to myself. It's also a plus because it makes me feel pretty.

3. Hair


I love my curls no doubt, but when I get my hair done I just feel like a new person. I love straightening my hair because it's like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It's kind of like when people cut off their hair. They feel powerful and refreshed.

4. Netflix


If you know me, then you know I am stuck on Netflix watching "Law & Order: SVU". This is like the one thing that makes me remove myself from the world. When I watch this show it's like nothing else matters.

I've probably seen every episode at this point. Are there any new shows you think I should start watching? I know a lot of people are into "Stranger Things". I haven't explored that show yet, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.




5. Food

Eating! Eating! and Eating! I can definitely say when I'm stressed or sad I love to eat. It's another way to take my mind off what's bothering me. Around the holidays I like eating sweets more often then normal. Check out my post on Holiday Treats to see what I love the most.

What stress relievers do you enjoy?