Blogmas Day 22: Scrapbook


Tips on how to start a Scrapbook:

  • Print out your photos
  • Get a photo album
  • Buy scissors, glue and tape
  • Find glitter, decorative stickers and markers
  • Create an outline for your story
  • Now start scrapbooking !

Don't worry about making mistakes because this is all about creativity!


Honestly, I have been dying to make a scrapbook and I finally have a reason to lol. I went to Michael's to get started on CB's gift. I wanted to make sure to get a black colored album because that's his favorite color. Then, I had to look for the different stickers and add-ons I wanted to use to decorate it. This part was tough because I didn't really have a color scheme going on. I really was just thinking that I should probably get gold because that goes well with black. However, I didn't want to limit myself either. I was also contemplating on getting different color paper to avoid from only having black pages. I wanted to make sure I could cut out pictures and use the designed paper to frame them. It took me practically an hour to get everything I needed. And then I realized I didn't even print out the pictures I wanted to use. I had to sign on to CVS online to send the pictures I wanted to print. I'm glad I already created an album with our photos to make it easier. I also mapped out an outline of what I wanted to write on each page. Once I got home it was a mattee of just cutting and gluing things together. I really had fun making it and remembering the memories we’ve made together.