Blogmas Day 18: Gifts for Him

Of course I'm not going to say actual gifts I'm getting "him" but I can give you guys a few ideas on what to get either your partner, brother or father. I know he might be reading this right now so I don't want to give out all my secrets. 

1. Sportswear

Easiest gift to get a guy is sportswear. You can either go to Nike or Adidas and get a matching sweat pants and hoodie set. You can even get a tracksuit if that's what he's into. 

2. Footwear

Please be mindful of the type of style your man likes. You don't want to spend over $100 on shoes that he will never wear. Go check out his closet and make sure to either stick to his normal Jordans or Nikes, or get him some nice dress boots. 

3. Cologne

This actually might be the easiest. Guys are not to complicated with cologne. They normal repurchased the same 2 over and over again so see which he has and buy it again. 

4. Underwear/socks

Men can never have too much underwear or socks. Just make sure to get him some nice ones like Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren. The socks can either be dress socks or sports socks for the gym.

5. Electronics

Everybody likes listening to music. You can get your guy nice bluetooth headphones or maybe a speaker. 

Like I mentioned before I don't want to give away my surprise, but just know I didn't get any of these items. What other gifts ideas do you have in mind ?