Blogmas Day 8: Holiday Treats


During the holidays one thing people love to do is forget about that damn diet lol. I personally haven’t been eating the cleanest but I have cut down on a couple of things. However, I do like to enjoy holiday treats. Christmas comes around once a year so why not have a little sweet tooth. Below are a few popular holiday treats:

Gingerbread cookies


I personally love these cookies because they are so cute ! lol The taste isn’t even what I’m worried about. I just love how creative people get decorating these. I hope this year I get a chance to make these. It probably won’t be from scratch, but I know they will taste good.


I know this is a drink and an actual treat, but I feel like egg-nog is one of those things people crave around Christmas time. I never drank this before. I actually read up on egg-nog and apparently you can incorporate it in cupcake or cookie recipes too.



I’m not sure if I have more fun making s’mores than do actually eating them. It’s really fun to make these with family and just enjoy some quiet time around a bon fire. 

Candy Canes

I don’t mind eating the regular peppermint candy canes. They are very traditional to the Christmas spirit. I noticed at Walmart while I was Christmas shopping that there are so many different candy cane flavors now. I saw a jolly rancher flavor, sour patch, watermelon, etc.

Sugar Cookies


These are pretty universal and go all year round. These are my favorite cookies aside from macadamia nut cookies, especially when they are soft.

What are your favorite treats for the holiday season?