Aruba Vlog | Part 1

Hi loves! Here is part 1 of my Aruba trip I took for my birthday. I can’t believe I just turned 26! I still feel like I’m 21 lol But any who this vacation was long overdue and completely necessary. Work and my personal life have been stressing me out the last couple of months so I really needed to get away.

I went to Aruba with Myoshi and 2 friends. I think this was my favorite trip by far. The culture in Aruba is so diverse. You get a sense of so many different flavors in their food and taste of various music genres as well. There is a heavy Dutch and Spanish influence on the island which really made me feel at home. The weather is beautiful in the high 80s and the water at the beaches were beyond beautiful.

I also had a great experience with booking an Airbnb instead of staying at a hotel. We stayed at the Gold Coast! We were near a couple of beaches and we had a pool at the Airbnb as well. I never booked an Airbnb outside of the country before, but I will definitely do it more often. Instead of spending so much money on an all-inclusive trip, it was really worth it to book a space and then the airfare separately. For meals, we ate at a couple of places here and there but we went to the supermarket to avoid spending too much money on food. Renting a car was also helpful, but in Aruba there are so many taxis that you don’t really need a car. The island isn’t even that big so you can honestly get from one side to the other in 45 mins.

Make sure to stayed tuned for Part 2 of my vlog so you can see more on the activities we did!