Family Over Everything


If I learned anything in the past month, then it’s that family comes before anything and anyone. I mentioned in a previous post about my grandma being sick. At first I wasn't sure how serious the situation was but once I found out my sister and dad booked a flight to Dominican Republic to see her I knew I needed to act fast. I'm not one to show a lot of emotion, but this really got to me. I was upset just thinking about the fact that I haven’t seen my grandmother in years as well as the rest of my family still living in D.R.; I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of seeing her before anything more serious happened.

I won’t share too much detail on her health status, but I can say that she is doing so much better now than when I saw her. She is walking, talking and eating again which is awesome!

It’s really important to let the people you love know that you appreciate them and that they are loved. Anything can happen at any moment so I really urge everyone to avoid holding grudges or hate in their heart. Please just love as much as possible for as long as you can, and trust that prayer can help get you through anything!


Cindy Esperanza

Blogger & Photographer. Rutgers Alumni.