How To Grow Long Healthy Hair | Natural Curly Hair Journey

I put a poll on my Instagram asking my followers what YouTube video I should post next. I had them choose between a video on “How To Start a Blog” and “How To Grow Longer Hair”. I was shocked to see that the responses ended in a draw! For me that’s great, because the topics I ideally want to cover are ones you are interested in.

So, I’m starting off with this hair post. I mainly thought it would be beneficial to talk about my hair first because I don’t discuss it often enough on here and recently I have received lot of questions on it. Also, I’ve been on my curly hair journey for years and I want to share it with you. I really want waist length hair and I know it’s possible!

I hope you enjoy the video above, I inserted a couple of old photos so you guys can see how much my hair has changed over the years. I share my tips that have been working to get my hair longer and healthier.

November 2010

November 2010

I also refer to one of my old hair posts in this video about using a DIY Hair Mask. If you want to read that post just click below:

Comment below some of your favorite “hair growing” tips that I probably didn’t get to mention in this video.