How To Budget Yourself

What is the #1 thing most people think about everyday but don’t openly talk about? MONEY! We constantly pay attention to our bank accounts, what we spend, what we owe and when we are getting paid on a daily basis. It’s human nature at this point. For the most part, we all work a job that pays us decent money and if that’s not true as of right now we are working towards that. So, the main goal for this post is to get you thinking about your savings. It’s scary to talk about a savings account if you don’t have a successful one established, but what are you waiting for? If you don’t have one, then let’s make sure you start saving NOW.

Just remember that the amount of money you make doesn’t mean much if you aren’t saving your money wisely. I know people who make lots of money and still don’t have a dime to their name because all they do is spend. So, let me help you get on the right track.

Below are key points you have to remember while watching the video above to understand how to budget yourself and save money:

  1. Write down your savings goal

  2. List all of your bills

  3. Allot spending money to use per week

  4. Monitor/Avoid unnecessary spending (Be Realistic)

  5. Track savings progress and adjust as needed