March Madness


March has been one of the craziest months for me! Seriously, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster and I’m thankful I was able to get through it. 

As always, March brings so much excitement to me because it’s my birthday month. This year I turned 26th and I planned a 5 day trip to Aruba. I’ve never been, but after reading some reviews and hearing from others on their experiences I was excited to go. I also planned a part 2 for my birthday and added a D.C. getaway to finish off the weekend.

So, you can just imagine how excited I was walked into March. I was preparing so much content for my blog and getting ready for my vacation when I got hit with terrible news. I was getting my car serviced at the dealership when I got a phone call from my mom telling me my grandmother was very sick.

All this shocking news happened in just the second week of March. Before I knew it, I was booking a last minute flight with my brother to D.R. and I had to request personal days off from work. I will write another post going into detail on how that went. It was really great to see my grandma and other family members. I was able to get some great family pics which I will share.

Coming back from my trip, I had to immediately get ready for my trip to Aruba and with missing a whole week to prepare I was extremely busy. I had an appointment everyday after work so I could make sure I had time to pack on the weekend. I definitely blogged my time spent in Aruba. This was one of my favorite birthday trips and I think it helped that I was just able to clear my mind and relax after having a rough start to the month.

I will be posting a lot this month to make up for the days I was away. Vacation is always fun, but it’s hard to get back into the swing of writing blog posts and editing videos.