Sasha Turns 1 | Happy Birthday

Today is Sasha’s birthday! I don’t know if I’m more excited than she is but I can’t believe she’s already turning 1. I got her back in April when she was just 12 weeks old and now she’s grown. I compiled a bunch of pictures I have of her from when I got her and sharing some great moments with her sister Cedes.

I just want to say that having a dog has really taught me a lot. You really have to be a selfless person to own a pet. You have to wake up early, feed them, walk them, come home at reasonable hours to make sure they aren’t locked up in a crate all day. This was definitely an eye opener for me because I do like to take trips and travel and I can’t just take Sasha with me. I would say at first I used to feel guilty about leaving her at home alone so I would refrain from going out or hanging out with friends. Now, I feel a little bit more comfortable going places because I have my sister or Myoshi to watch her for me.

I originally wanted a dog because I was tired of just going to work and coming home and falling asleep. I wanted something to do and something to care for. Sasha has really given me that and much more. I genuinely hate when she’s sick or in pain it’s like having a child. I love giving her baths and taking her to get hair cuts because it’s almost like I can sense that she feels loved. She definitely has her bad habits sometimes, but cuddling with her or giving her hugs always takes my mind off the bad stuff. Pets will be pets at the end of the day so I can never stay mad. And trust me, she has ripped up of couple of my favorite things but oh well materialistic things can always be replaced.

I love you Sasha… and Happy Birthday Cedes!