Puppy Love

Hey everybody! I added a new member to my family this past weekend... I finally bought a puppy. That basically knocks off a majority of my birthday wish list. My friend Esraa found the cutest Toy Poodle Mix puppies for me and her in PA. This was the perfect reason to have a Philly trip this past Saturday. Also let's not forget the 80 degree weather we had. The weather has been bi-polar so I was happy to finally see some sun, I mean it is Spring! 


Road trip time called for me, Gina, Shima and Perla (my cousin) to head to Philly. Esraa drove up from West Virginia with her husband, Idris, which was like 6 hours 😩 God Bless her soul lol because our drive was only 1 hour and a half. We met at the Reading Terminal Market in Philly. I have never been to this part of Philly, but Gina suggested it because they have lots of fresh food inside from different vendors. You can get cheeseburgers, sandwiches, cheesesteaks, seafood, etc. There were so many options and I was so overwhelmed. But we all jumped on the same band wagon as Gina. She kept talking about this pastrami sandwich! And I'm sooooo mad because I inhaled it and I did not take a picture of it. Hands down! One of the best hot pastrami sandwiches out there. We had it on rye bread, with melted cheese and mustard with a pickle on the side. That guy who made the sandwich at the market really made it with love. We were all so full. Meanwhile, our little puppies looked at us like it was lunch time. 

"Cedes" and "Sasha"

Let's go back for a little bit though. Before ordering our food, Perla and I went to find Esraa in the market. That was a struggle in itself. But when we saw her I finally got to meet my new puppy. Esraa got herself one too! So, we have sister puppies or Gina likes to call it "barking cats" lol. Before I could even hold the puppy some random lady walks up and starts talking to both dogs. Like sooooo weird! She literally took my puppy out of Esraa's bag to hold her. lol I honestly didn't know people get this reckless around puppies. I was really in shock. Like how are you holding my puppy before me. hahaah Perla was like "this can't be real life". Then, the lady’s husband steps in and says he wants Esraa's puppy too! Clearly, we snatched our dogs back before they got dognapped 😂😂😂 


Fast forward though, after leaving the weird people, getting stopped by everyone to pet our puppies and eating that popping pastrami sandwich we headed to Washington Square. That walk was so brutal because of the heat! But once we made it there we were able to let our puppies run free. Well they didn't run much but you get the idea. I also had a chance to play around with my polaroid camera (Instax Mini 8+). I think I will dedicate an entire post on it because I think it's great for people to have. So make sure to look out for a review!

IMG_7071 2.jpg

While at the park, we started thinking of names for our puppies. Their original names were Spice and Sasha. I kind of like the name Sasha so I'm leaning towards keeping that name for now. I mean she's only 3 months so she doesn't listen regardless hahaa. Esraa and Idris were stuck between Cedes and Morgan. But I think "Cedes" is what stuck so far. And yes "Cedes" like Mercedes Benz lol.

Cousin love

That's not your friend if they don't take your pics like this lol thanks Perla

After spending some time at the park, we went for some ice cream. I got a vanilla and dulce de leche mix.  It was sooooo good! We called it a day after this because Esraa and Idris had to drive back to West Virginia. Overall, it was a great day and now the hard part starts with training Sasha and Cedes!