Self-Growth Checklist

I asked my Instagram followers to give me some topics they would like to hear more about on my blog. One of the responses mentioned I should  discuss some of my goals and priorities. This definitely pushed me to get my “new” planner and write things I want to accomplish down. Sometimes you have lots of goals you want to achieve in your head, but it’s way easier to see what they really are once you write them down. For work, I have lots of goals as well but I want to keep that separate from my personal life.

Below are a few items I want to make sure I focus on this year in regards to my personal growth:

  1. Reflect positive energy

    • Refrain from allowing others to affect my mood

    • Don’t stress over little things

    • Speak “good” things into existence

    • Continue praying for myself, friends and family

  2. Invest in my savings

    • Budget myself bi-weekly/monthly

    • Don’t order out too much

    • Stop lending people money

  3. Develop better self-branding techniques

    • Educate myself on more social media/brand marketing strategies

    • Learn different video editing tools

    • Read more books, blogs, tutorials, etc.

    • Invest in better equipment (photos, editing programs, lighting, etc.)

    • Start my own business (selling merchandise)

  4. Increase engagement on social media platforms (blog, instagram, youtube, etc.)

    • Provide consistency with posts and videos

    • Comment and like content from my followers

    • Interact with other bloggers and youtubers for collaborations

    • Share posts on various platforms to increase audience size

  5. Grow longer and healthier hair

    • Do weekly deep-conditioning treatments & hair masks

    • Refrain from using heat

    • Get trims (split ends)

    • Use better curly hair products  to prevent damage

  6. Maintain a balanced diet

    • Eat smaller portions

    • Drink lots of water

    • Cook more meals at home

  7. Get clearer skin

    • Try new products to see what works best to even skin-tone

    • Do not use harsh toners

    • Moisturize and use sunscreen

    • Use face masks weekly

    • Wash off all of my makeup


Cindy Esperanza

Blogger & Photographer. Rutgers Alumni.