Los Cabos

I want to tell you guys about my recent trip to Los Cabos in Mexico. This was honestly one of my favorite trips so far because I really needed this time to clear my head and relax. I booked this trip for me and Myoshi at CheapCaribbean.com ! It was my first time using this site and I must say I'm thankful for the resort reviews. Haha you have to watch out because people always write stupid reviews saying all the things they don’t like, but the resort I chose actually had a load of positive comments. We stayed at Barcelo Gran Faro Los Cabos in San Jose. This is a 5-star hotel and the price was so affordable. For 5 days and 4 nights (all-inclusive flight/hotel) we paid $727 per person. Then, paid about $30 for transportation to the airport and back.

The day of our flight was super hectic. It was at 6am EST at EWR (Newark Airport) so honestly I barely slept the night before. I spent most of my time packing last minute items and just making sure I didn’t forget anything. We took an “Uber” to the airport around 3:45am. It’s always important to arrive 2 hours earlier than your flight time because the check-in and security lines can get busy. I checked my bag which had all of our hair/bathroom products since you can’t bring that in a carry-on bag. We arrived to our gate fairly early and decided to stop by Starbucks to get our favorite drink, The Pink Drink (strawberry acai refreshers & coconut milk), and a bagel and croissant. 

So this was a connecting flight where we had to stop in Houston, Texas for only an hour and then take a flight to San Jose, Mexico. Normally I would not book a connecting flight but we didn’t have many options if we wanted to keep the cost low. Only thing I can remember from the first flight to Texas is some guy farting the entire time. So gross! Lol like I honestly almost threw up. Getting off the flight we ran to the bathroom because our bladders could not take it. In total, the trip to get to Mexico is 5 hours. The part that makes it bad is the time difference. Texas is 1 hour behind us and Mexico is 2 hours behind us. By the time we got to Mexico it was only 11:40am which is 1:40pm EST. Nonetheless, we hopped off the flight, found our luggage and got Pina Coladas while we waited for our transportation to the hotel. 

Arriving to our hotel, we checked in and immediately put our bathing suits on to go to the pool bar. The water was soooooo cold but you get used to it after some time. We continued drinking Pina Coladas and rum to avoid mixing too many drinks.

We met a wonderful woman at the pull-bar in the pool. She was so nice and inviting. Meeting other people on vacation is always fun listening to their accents and things they love to do and how different our life experiences are living in other parts of the US. We ate some snacks by the bar. They have burgers, hot dogs, wings, taquitos, nachos, quesadillas, etc. Honestly, all my favorite foods haha. And they’re guac was amazing! Super fresh. I wouldn't expect anything less though since we were in Mexico.

Favorite bathing suit from SheIn.com

Like any every other vacation, aside from just spending time at the pool, we planned to do some excursions. So, normally we do zip-lining and horse-back riding but this time we tried something different. I have never been snorkeling! Honestly, this was such a scary experience. I'm not a swimmer at all. It took me 10 minutes alone to even jump off the damn boat into the water. I think I was just scared because I didn't know what to expect. In my head, I'm like why do people pay to do this lol. It's like a death sentence! But once I finally jumped off and got into the water I calmed down a bit. They gave us life jackets, fins, and a snorkeling mask. I was able to see some fish which was cool. 😅 They also let us do paddle boarding and kayaking. You had to swim to the other boat to do those things. Myoshi did the kayaking and I chose to do the paddle board. Jumping on the board and being in the water was really hard lol so much arm strength. Once I got up there I literally sat on the board and paddled away. My biggest challenge was wanting to stand up on it. Another girl in our group stood up like a pro! I took me almost crying my eyes out to finally make it up there. I mean I was holding the tour guide's shoulder too which helped. Worst part was once I got up, I was shaking so bad I couldn't get myself to paddle anywhere. lol Idk if any of you have tried this before but damn I was really scared to fall into the water even with a life vest. After doing all these activities, we went back to the Cabo Dolphin center where they gave us lunch. We had nachos and ceviche with margaritas. The ceviche was really good and fresh!

Don't mind my lip, I had sunburn

When lunch was over, we went back to the hotel and relaxed around the pool area. We had dinner reservations at the Mexican restaurant later on so we didn't want to eat too much. We sipped on some more drinks and just relaxed as much as possible. Below are pictures of the food we ate at the Mexican restaurant. It was really good honestly. And we even got to try flaming strawberry margaritas. I captured it on video so I will include it on the vlog from this trip.

Leading into the night we went to downtown Mexico to have some fun at the local bars. Normally I wouldn't go off the resort but we paid for a package that involved transportation to take you to 4 bars and provide liquor for only $45. I thought it was a good deal. And it was from 9pm-2am! I don't want to spoil to much of the fun at the bars so I will wait for you guys to just see the videos. The music was great and of course there was TEQUILA was everywhere lol. We also got to meet some cool people and eat some bomb ass tacos!

For the remainder of our trip we spent time at the resort relaxing at the different pools. On our last day, we made time to ride some horses on the beach and get henna tattoos. Overall, this trip was needed and appreciated. Our last trip was August of last year, so I was overdue for some relaxation.  

I hope you guys enjoyed this post even though it was a little long, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible. I would definitely recommend Cabo, Mexico and this hotel to friends and family. Hopefully at a later time I will be able to visit Cancun since everyone says it’s great too!