My Favorite YouTubers


When I finally have some spare time to myself I spend it watching YouTube videos. I love supporting content creators I just personally know how hard it is to edit and upload daily/weekly so I respect them for it. Being a YouTuber that vlogs or makes sit down videos takes a lot of dedication. Below I am going to list my favorite YouTubers.

Raven Elyse

Raven has to be one of my favorite YouTubers. I have been watching her DIY, hair, acne and makeup videos since those Tumblr days. Now, her videos are more lifestyle vlogs and videos with her daughter. She lives in Texas. She is 24 so we are close in age, which makes her life relatable. She talks about anxiety and depression and I think being open with your viewers is really important. I wished more people subscribed to her channel because she is genuinely a creative person and deserves the platform she's worked for. 

Alyssa Forever

I also started following Alyssa early on in her YouTube career and it was pretty random. Her older videos were a lot of hair tutorials and her journey getting braces. Her content has really improved over the years dramatically and I love seeing her IG pics. Alyssa always has cute sporty outfits and nice curls !

Jackie Aina

Hands down Jackie has to be one of the funniest YouTubers out there ! When I tell people to watch their videos they really don't understand why I watch her. She's a beauty blogger so of course she gives different beauty tips that don't apply to me because we are no where near the same complexion. But I don't care, she is still funny as hell! I enjoy every video.


Aahhhh! Will and Olivia are like the cutest YouTube couple! I love their pranks and vlogs. They are so entertaining and real. They met each other through social media and now they live together in Las Vegas. I think it's just cute to see people genuinely love each other.

Briana Monique

Briana is my favorite "NEW" YouTuber ! She is so sweet in her videos, just very personable and relatable. I think she is going to hit her 1 year mark soon. She makes cute hair and makeup videos. She mentioned that she uses her phone and a tripod to record which I think is awesome. That got to show if you really want to do something you will find a way. 

Yas and Hals

I recently started tuning into Yas and Hals videos! They are really funny and I love their accents. They always have a lot of energy in their videos. They do pranks, vlogs, makeup, fashion videos.

If you have not heard of any of them, then I really suggest you subscribe to their channels. They are relatable and really honest with the content they post. What are your favorite YouTubers? I always like adding new people to my list.


Cindy Esperanza

Blogger & Photographer. Rutgers Alumni.