Body Goals


You guys !!!!!!! Let me speak this into existence right now. My 25th birthday is this month. No more procrastinating! This girl is hitting that treadmill. I need to run at least 2-3 days out of the week for 20-30 mins. I’m not fat but in the past couple of months I got so thick. Like to the point where I’m not as comfortable wearing crops tops or bodysuits. So I really want to slim down. Running will definitely help with that and some floor exercises for my abs. I know the hardest part is starting so that is what I have accomplished these past 2 weeks. I started with a healthier diet. And what that really means is eating more. I skip too many meals throughout my day which then forces me to eat something really unhealthy at like 1am. Hopefully a diet change will stop the bloating I am always feeling and also lead me to clearer skin. All I want to be for my 25th birthday is to be fine as hell! Lol Who is with me?