Birthday Wish List


I’m super late with this post lol but I mean if anyone was planning on getting me a birthday gift and hasn’t yet then I’m here to save the day! We are officially one week away from my 25th birthday. *Aries baby* My birthday is March 27th, which falls on a boring Tuesday this year. Hopefully, I can still have fun the weekend before/after. I’m planning a Mexico trip, but I won’t be going until mid-April. *sigh* In the meantime, I just want to enjoy my new position at work and celebrate locally with friends.

I wanted to write a Birthday List, which is something I never do, but I know I’m hard to get gifts because I really don’t need much.

So let’s start it off:

Louis Vuitton Bag

  • So, I really just want a new bag and I’ve always wanted the brown “Neverfull MM” LV bag with the pink or red interior. I included the link. I just don’t see myself purchasing something like this on my own. I would love to have it though. It’s cute and goes with every outfit.

Spa Day

  • I have never been to a SPA! I just want to experience this. A nice massage, a steam room, a pool. I just want to do something out of the ordinary. My favorite way to pass time is pampering myself with face masks and relaxation so this would be a great gift.

Polaroid Camera

  • I know I have a Canon and GoPro, but I feel like I would get use out of a Polaroid camera. I don’t get the chance to print out many pictures so it would be great to have photos for me to make scrapbooks.


  • This is something I thought I would never want, but lately I feel like a small puppy would be fun to have. They’re so cute and definitely help fill the void of being lonely at home.


  • I don’t wear sneakers often but it’s nice to have a cute pair to throw on with jeans or even a summer dress when it gets hot out. I wear a size= 7 in women.

Work Clothes

  • As I mentioned, I have a new position at work and my wardrobe literally had to change too quickly for me lol. I’ve been trying to get more business casual attire and flats. You can never have too much though. So, this is a present that I really need.  I normally wear a Medium for tops and bottoms size=8.

Eyeshadow Palette

  • I, by no means, do my makeup every day or ever lol but it would be really nice to have a nice eyeshadow palette so that I can show off once in a while. I’m not familiar with any popular palettes but anything with a bronze colors/tones would be nice.

Dinner Date

  • I loveeeee food! So the easiest way to please me would be to plan a nice dinner date, one where I can dress up.

I don’t think anything on this list is outlandish aside from the LV bag lol but I’ve been working hard. I deserve something nice! Plus, I am always one to give presents to everyone around me and not splurge on myself. I can’t think of much else to put on this list, but as I keep thinking I will add on.

 Who else is a March baby !? Comment with your birthday.