Get To Know Me


So I definitely have to shoutout all my followers that have stuck with me through my rough patches. Today I made it my point to record a mini vlog for you guys so I can get back into the flow of things. I should have it up soon. For this post, I want to let you guys know more about me. I never got the chance to really go through the basic questions. I found some questions for the Get To Know Me Tag that I wanted to answer. 

  1. What is your zodiac sign?

    • Aries (March 27)

  2. How tall are you?

    • 5'3''

  3. What is something you wish you were gifted at doing?

    • Swimming

  4. What is your favorite sport?

    • Volleyball

  5. What is your favorite drink?

    • Starbucks Pink Drink

  6. What is your favorite food?

    • Shrimp Tacos 😍

  7. What is your nationality?

    • Dominican

  8. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

    • Vanilla Bean

  9. What are your biggest accomplishments?

    • Graduating from Rutgers w/ BA in IT and moving into my own apartment

  10. What is your best physical feature?

    • Smile

  11. What countries have you visited?

    • Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Jamaica and Costa Rica

  12. What is your favorite food to cook?

    • Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta w/ Shrimp

  13. What are your favorite things about yourself?

    • My ability to be independent and still be forgiving/nice to others.

  14. What is your favorite color?

    • Baby pink

  15. What is your biggest regret?

    • Letting people take my kindness for granted