You Decide


I'm just going to leave this here. I spend a lot of my time waiting for something good to happen so that I can be in a better mood. But the reality is, you can't just sit there and wait. Life will pass you by if you don't make something out of your day.

This also goes for allowing someone else to dictate your mood for the day. You can't let someone control your emotions. That is giving someone else way too much power over you. If someone pisses you off just brush it off and let it go. You have so many other things you can occupy your time with than someone who doesn't care about your feelings. 

I turn to my blog and music when I want to start off my day on a good note. It just calms me down and helps me put my energy into something else that doesn't involve being mad. Just think of it this way. The person you are mad at is completely unbothered, so why should you be? Just live life. Trust me that will make them even more mad because you can live life without them and be even happier.


Cindy Esperanza

Blogger & Photographer. Rutgers Alumni.