Hey guys! So I’m back. I had a rocky beginning to my month and I want to apologize for not posting. I really needed a break from all social media for a couple of weeks to clear my mind. I started the New Year off on an emotional roller coaster. I want to discuss it a bit because someone else might be going through it. I have just been feeling down and beating myself up like I failed at my last relationship. And believe me I don’t like giving up on anyone. I make sure I have exhausted all options on fixing our problems before just deading it completely. But things happen and both people have to want to compromise. And you can’t force people to do anything they don’t want to do.

I’m trying my best to just clear my mind as much as possible. I even rearranged my room to change my surroundings a bit. It’s really the worst feeling when you walk into your room and it reminds you of someone. But I’m slowly shedding off the bad energy though. I’m still taking things one day at a time. Keeping myself occupied has really helped but I do get sad because I know how good things can be. But I’ll just take it for what it is. 


Cindy Esperanza

Blogger & Photographer. Rutgers Alumni.