Cin Talks: Just Relax


This picture really stood out to me when I saw it on Instagram this morning.

Sometimes I think too far ahead in my personal and work life.

This definitely comes into effect when I run into problems or a rough patch in my day. First step is to understand the situation. Then figure out steps to fix it. There is no need to panic because that in itself won't get me any closer to a solution. Also, I can't allow one problem to dictate my mood for the day.

Currently, I am enjoying the people in my personal life one day at a time. Along with that work will always be work. Even if the position I am in today doesn't work out for me, there will be another path for me to take. 

It's good to be prepared, but if I'm always worried about what is going to happen next then how am I ever going to enjoy the moment. 

2017 has been a good year to me because I have taken the time to focus on myself. I've been more active on my blog, moved into my own apartment, received a work promotion and gained so much happiness. What more can I ask for. I just have to keep pushing.  😊