Cin Talks: Time


Not sure why I'm writing this post. I guess it's been on my mind. You know that feeling you get when you miss somebody but you can't do anything to change missing them. Yea, well it just sucks. It's like you try to occupy yourself with as many things as possible. And you think that once you finish all your work and responsibilities that they will be there; reality is everyone works on their own time.  No matter how much free time I have, it doesn't mean someone else is available too. 😕

But the highlight is when you both finally get time to spend together. You feel great. Not worried about anything. I don't even bother looking at my phone because the person I want to talk to is right next to me. I want to enjoy every last minute. Even though, in the back of my mind I can't help but think about him having to leave and get back to "life". But it's okay, I understand. I want him to accomplish his goals and fix his problems. His happiness is just as important as my own. So I know when to back off and let him breathe...


But a reminder that someone wants to spend time with you as much you want to be around them would help put a smile on my face. 🖤😬