Labor Day Weekend


I have to discuss the pain I've been in this entire labor day weekend.

Do you know how horrible it feels to have a wisdom tooth growing in ?!


I literally cried myself to sleep last night. It feels like someone is yanking my tooth out with pliers. 😭 My overall weekend itself was somehow busy as hell but chill at the same time (with the exception of this tooth situation). 


Let's start off with leaving work last Friday at 2pm! Got home and spent time with my friend. Let's call this person "CB" for now. So we went bowling at Hanover Lanes. Not sure why we go there out of the thousands of bowling alleys that are near me. They are all the same. But we have this competition going on and we tend to do rematches by bowling, playing air hockey and the basketball arcade game. So normally I am the champ at air hockey, he's the best at the basketball game and the bowling part is a toss up. Let's jus say we had fun but I lost pretty bad. I was only able to redeem myself in bowling.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. CB and I wanted breakfast. I was waiting for him at my apt and then I got that text. "I just got pulled over." I was worried but I figured it would be quick. The next text said, "My car is getting towed." 🤦🏽‍♀️


I rushed over to pick him up. Good thing he was close by but the worst part about getting your car towed is it happening during a holiday weekend. We tried everything to get the car back that same day but time was not in our favor. The tow truck location closed at 2pm and unfortunately we couldn't get the police report until that time. Only good thing that happened that morning was breakfast from Perkins. Literally sooooo good. 😊 Mouth watering and at that point my toothache was bearable. 

Next on our task of the things to do since the car situation went sour was to watch Netflix. Took a while to find something to watch but it definitely wasn't going to be "Death Note" lol and if you watch that then you're sick in the head. 😂 Saturday night was pretty much a Netflix and chill type of vibe. 

"Death Note" on Netflix 😭 

"Death Note" on Netflix 😭 

On Sunday morning, it was my first time eating at Denny's. Also really yummy. Their bacon cheddar tots are so good. It was a struggle to fit them in my mouth with my gums all swollen but it was worth it.

After breakfast, we made it back to my apartment. CB and I started watching my favorite movie, "Troy". Achilles: "Is there no one else?"😂 I love this movie even though it's super long. Shout out to my brother for not getting mad at me. I bought the movie on his Amazon account for $12.99. 👏🏽


Halfway through the movie, we decided to go bowling again with Myoshi and Jesse. I won at bowling this time ! We were really just trying to kill time because Myoshi's friend "Dayskee" was going to come to our apt and make his famous lasagna.  👀 In the meantime, we had some milkshakes from Shake Shack and headed home to finish watching Troy and nap! 

Naps are essential to life! 

life saver

life saver

By Sunday night we were well rested, eating lasagna and playing the charades game "Heads Up". It was 3 on 3; guys against girls and somehow they won. The real MVPs were the CB and Greg duo. I never seen somebody so determined to win. Lol needless to say I was playing with a bag of ice right on my cheek. The pain was getting worse. I was just thankful Jesse recommended I buy anbesol to help numb my gums. The fix was temporary but it helped me get through the night. 

Selfies before I knocked out lol

Selfies before I knocked out lol

I didn't realize how long of a weekend this was until writing this post. I can't believe I was still tired even with all the napping I did. Monday was just another day. Went to the beach for about 2 hrs. That made it a typical labor day. However, I spent my time sleeping because of the pain. 


By the time I got home I didn't even eat dinner. I cried myself to sleep and as of right now I'm debating on how going to the hospital. 

Has anyone had their wisdom teeth pulled out? 

I'm not sure how many more days I can go like this. I'm currently sitting at work in front of 3 computer screens wanting to go home. 😭 oh and I'm starving. I'm not even sure what I can eat since I can barely open my mouth.


Hope you appreciate this quick post. I'm literally drooling writing it. 🤤🤤🤤


Quick shout out: CB got his car back! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽