Forget the "Pumpkin Spice"


You're probably wondering where the hell is the "Pumpkin Spice" 😍😂

Sorry guys, you got the wrong girl. I don't drink coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, etc.

You can keep that ! 

Literally the only thing I order from Starbucks is the "Pink Drink". It's a mixture of coconut milk and strawberry acai refreshers with chunks of strawberries. It's a breathe of fresh air to say the least. Oh and I couldn't help myself so I got a chocolate chip cookie too. 😂 That cookie was inhaled immediately after this photo. 

I'm interested to see what kind of drinks you guys prefer from Starbucks. I know some people buy from there religiously.

Do you guys prefer Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts? 


If you ask me you can keep both lol I hate coffee period! Oh and don't get me started on the food at Dunkin' Donuts. Those sandwiches are not good at all, but wait the French cruller is my favorite donut. 🙋🏽 

See you guys in my next post. 😬