Cali Living: Day 1

So I got the chance to visit one of my favorite places again... California! And this time around I got to share the experience with my best friend Myoshi. 😁 The reason behind taking the trip in the first place was to celebrate my brother's girlfriend's (Rosey) 25th birthday. But the plan was to meet up with them in Vegas for the weekend, meaning the first half of the week we got to explore Cali.

The week prior to catching our flight was completely hectic. It was work, work and more work. Literally only had time to pack on the day of our flight. So we left on Sunday, August 20th.  Our flight was around 9pm. We pretty much had all day to get our shit together. And I got to spend time with my favorite person before leaving. You know who you are. ☺️


Let's fast forward to arriving at the airport:

So we took an Uber to Newark Airport (EWR). We got there and went to get a tag to check our bag. The flight with United Airlines didn't allow for any carry-ons aside from the regular purse or backpack so we framed all our stuff into one big suitcase. And of course it went over the weight limit. 😒 Your bag should only weigh 50lbs and we were at 58lbs. It said it was going to charge us an extra $100 because of it ! Unfortunately, we couldn't know beforehand because we didn't have a scale at our apartment. But we ended up stepping to the side and opening the suitcase. We took out 2 pairs of heels and my blow dryer. I had a small backpack inside so I just used that to hold everything. With only moving those 3 items the suitcase was at 49.5lbs. We jumped back on the line for them to take our bag. And we went pass security. The people who work at the airport were rude as hell but I just brushed it off because that's normal for them to have attitudes. Anyways, our flight was 4.5 hrs long and I was so blessed to have a row to myself. I'm assuming the people in those seats missed the flight, but now I could put my legs up and relax.

Our trip was a direct flight to Las Vegas. The idea behind that was; we can rent a car, drive to California, and drive back to Vegas to meet my brother for the weekend. We literally did just that. From the airport, we took a shuttle to get to the rental car place. When we got there and this was about midnight in Cali time (3AM in NJ), I was talking with the representative to get the rental car while Myoshi was booking a room for our 3 days in Cali. She found a great deal at a Best Western in West Covina, California and well I didn't necessarily find a great deal lol because renting a car is never cost effective when you are under 25. We ended up with a Nissan, but honestly I didn't care much I just wanted to get to the hotel to go to sleep. We put the hotel address in the GPS it said it was 3.5 hrs away (250 miles). 😩 

I drove and honestly I was probably doing about 100 mph the entire time lol The only scenery in Nevada is desert and land. We made a pitstop at McDonald's tho because we were starving after that long ass flight. Once we made it to the hotel room we dropped all our stuff and knocked out.

Monday morning, we woke up to eat breakfast. We had waffles and oatmeal; nothing fancy. Afterwards, we headed straight to the pool/jacuzzi. I didn't want to waste any time. I desperately wanted a tan. It was the perfect chance to wear my favorite bathing suit back from my Jamaica trip. Myoshi went straight for the jacuzzi. It was really relaxing. It was still early maybe about 10AM, and this is when the eclipse was happening and people we making corny jokes on twitter lol. 


Fast forward: 

This was our day to go to Griffith Park and complete our HIKE! We put on our workout clothes and headed out. For anyone not familiar with this park, this is where you can see the Hollywood sign. And oh we saw that sign alright. 

We made it to Los Angeles and got some gas. *sigh* Yes it's annoying to pump your own gas lol. But we filled the tank and got back on the road. We were 2 minutes from Griffith Park and the car stopped ! 😧 The check engine light came on and I'm so lucky I had the chance to pull over before the car completely shut off. Myoshi got out the car and checked under the hood. There was "NO OIL" ! It was 1pm, the sun was shining and we could not believe what was going on. I immediately called roadside assistance. I can't even exaggerate how shitty the customer service was. The rep said she would call me back to tell me when a tow truck was on its way, I never received a call! I ended up calling for assistance 3 more times and after 1.5 hrs I was finally given an answer that someone was coming to help us. You can imagine my frustration. All that time wasted sitting in a hot car could have been put towards hiking. We were literally down the street from the entrance. 


Ok, so the tow truck guy came and says "um this isn't the car right?" I was completely confused. So what other car is there that won't turn on. He was given the wrong car model and everything. He didn't even know where he had to take us to get a new rental car. My day was feeling like a waste at this point. It was almost 5pm and we still didn't get to do our hike. Only thing we accomplished was ordering from Uber Eats for the first time; which definitely comes in handy! For someone like me who hates calling or ordering things to get delivered, this simplifies it all. No talking or anything. Just download the app. Order your shit and keep it moving. 

But anyways back to this tragic day, we made it to the address the tow truck guy had. It was an AIRPORT! lol but the most important part about it is that the rental car place was right inside. I went to the counter and asked for a replacement vehicle. They handed us the new set of keys and now we had a KIA. The problem was solved but no one had a clue as to what happened to the other car and why it wouldn't turn on.

We left the lot and headed back to Griffith Park. We didn't want to waste our day. We did our hike and saw the Hollywood sign. It was around 6pm at this point but the sun was still out and and extremely hot. Oh and we finally got a great picture together. After the hike we went to buy some wine and headed back to the hotel. We needed to have a relaxing night after what we went through with the rental car. *sigh* And yes this is still only Day 1 of our so called vacation.

Workout Clothes (Target) 

Workout Clothes (Target) 

Stay tuned to hear about Day 2 & 3 in Cali. And keep a look out for Vlog #7 thats going to highlight the behind the scenes of this trip.

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