Curly Hair Withdrawals


My hair has been straight for the past week and I'm having withdrawals.

I miss my curls!

I only straightened it because I wanted to do a length check. I'm so happy to see my hair is getting longer and thicker. I haven't had straight hair in over a year.


But now I'm debating on if I should bring the curls back or is it too soon? I just love messy, big hair. It's fun and really changes the look of my outfits. 


One thing I have definitely noticed is that I have been getting less breakouts. I'm not sure if this correlates with my hair but with my hair out of my face I did notice a change in my skin. 🤔 Which I obviously like. Drinking a lot of water definitley helps add to clearer skin. Don't get me wrong. My skin isn't perfect or clear. But not getting repeated breakouts one after the other is a relief.

Also, I get to walk around with a bit more confidence. Normally, I would wear makeup every single day for work or a regular day off. Now, I barely put anything on aside from moisturizer. It's just unnecessary.

If my skin makes you feel uncomfortable, then screw you. I want to feel comfortable in the skin I'm in. And who wants to waste makeup !? It's too expensive too have it melt off in an 8-hr shift. Maybe if I'm going on a date I'll consider wearing it but I don't feel obligated to.

Haha sorry I went on a rant, but I just needed to get my point across. We are all beautiful in our own ways.  😬

What do you guys prefer straight or curly hair?