Boardwalk Meets Cin Curry

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More family time 😁😁😁 If you haven’t noticed by now I love spending time with my family when I have free time. It’s always a great time and memories are everything to me. This past weekend I was able to finally see my brother, Eddie. A little background story on him: so he is 29 turning 30 soon, he graduated from Rutgers New Brunswick with a Criminal Justice major and he is a police officer in Connecticut which is also where he lives. So in comparison to where I live, my brother is probably a 3 hour drive. When he first decided to become an officer he went through the 6 month academy in Manchester, CT. From there he was stationed in a couple of different places in CT where he decided to stay. It’s pretty hard to stay in contact since we are all so busy but we make sure to find time when possible. 

I was able to meet up with him and his girlfriend, Rosey. They came down to Jersey because my brother’s best friend, Ali, just got engaged and he was having a celebration at his new house. My brother has the privilege of being his “best man” at the wedding so it was something to celebrate. I met up with them last Sunday before he decided to head back to CT. We had plans for the beach. When I tell you this was probably one of the hottest days this summer I am not kidding. It said 80 degrees but it felt like 95. We met at Seaside Heights. We didn't even go on the actual beach because of the heat. It was really disgusting how humid it got. Instead we walked the boardwalk and went to the arcades. It’s sad to say that the only thing that was won that day was a “minion” and Rosey won it herself lol. We clearly suck at boardwalk games.

But you could not telling me anything inside that arcade. I was really the champ at the basketball game. I have to thank Calvin for that one. I got a total of 74 points. Meanwhile, Eddie and Ali were scoring 40 and highest 58. Moral of the story is “Ball is Life.” Hahaha but it was definitely a fun time watching them trying to compete to go against me. After some of the games we went on the ferris wheel. 

I was the 3rd wheel with Eddie and Rosey lol but I don't care. It was fun and a nice view. I haven’t had a day like that in a while where I was just able to completely relax. What are you guys favorite things to do at the beach? Everyone’s experiences are different so it would be fun hearing some cool beach activities. 

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