Kiddie Slides


I had the best time with my nephews a couple of weeks ago. And I finally got to see my mom. Since I moved out of my house into my own apartment it is hard finding time to balance my schedule with my mom's. Now that I'm off on the weekends it's like she works every weekend.

So, when we finally found time we decided to have breakfast at my sister's house in Rockaway. It was a great way for me to see my mom and my nephews all at once. Breakfast was so good! or maybe I have just been deprived because I never get a chance to cook breakfast at my own apartment. lol  We had bacon and eggs and a whole lot of yelling. My 3 nephews (Joseph, Jonathan and Justin) are a handful. I'm glad they were playing with their tablets and watching TV because it was making the time go by so much faster. For the afternoon, the plans were to go to this clubhouse near my sister's house. My sister is a part of this community group that facilitates events to raise money for high school students to go to college.

The event this time around was big water slides. When I heard that I immediately thought "OH BOY!" So I definitely wasn't prepared for what my sister had planned. I was under the impression that my nephews were going to enjoy going down some water slides. She forgot to mention that I was going down with them. -_- I felt like the only loser out there lol but my nephew Jonathan wouldn’t go down with out me. When we got to the park Joseph and Jonathan were really excited. By this time my mom had to go because she had to go to work which was about a 30 min drive away.

She said her goodbyes and I guess that's where all the fun started. Good thing I brought a bathing suit with me. We go to the first slide and Joseph climbed up with no problem and went down the slide. Then it was Jonathan’s turn. He got to the slide and immediately called my name and said “Auntie Cindy, can you please go down the slide with me?” As much as I wanted to slowly die on the inside lol I went with him. I didn’t want him to miss out on the fun. Plus, he just turned 3 a couple of weeks ago so I can’t blame him for being scared. After a couple of rides and him chickening out by the time we reached the top, he got the hang of it. He went down with Joseph and then started going on his own. Thank god for that. Because Auntie Cindy could relax and just take pictures.

I love these little guys ! Since I moved it’s been pretty hard to visit them. My sister is an hour from me and my mom is 30 mins. I definitely had a great time and it was a plus to see my family.

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