Blogmas Day 7: Holiday Gifts On A Budget


I occasionally love to splurge on my loved ones because it really makes me happy. I’m always listening so I get gifts that they might have even forgot they mentioned. But I do know what it feels like to not always have that money available to do so. Below are a couple of gift ideas that I myself would appreciate and wouldn’t mind giving to others because of the thought behind it. 



One of my favorite gifts is a scrapbook. You can either tell a short story or just compile a bunch of memorable photos together. The best part about it is getting really creative. I love getting the arts & crafts stuff from Michael’s. You can probably spend $50 or less and get the scrapbook itself, print out the photos from a CVS or Walmart, and get decorations for it. If anyone is planning on making one, then please send me the end result. I think they are so cute!

Scent Basket


Another inexpensive gift is a scent basket! Who doesn’t love smelling good? And don’t think you are trying to offend anyone. A little gift basket with some lotions and sprays, bath bombs, and even candles are the best. I personally love the smell of candles. You can get these items from a Bath & Body Works, LUSH Cosmetics or you can DIY some scrubs. You can go straight to Pinterest or Youtube and figure out how to make your own products.



You can get a really nice hat/scarf/ glove set. This one definitely varies in styles depending on the person you are giving it to. But you can buy an assortment of hats or a bunch of different scarfs. If you have some free time you can even knit your own scarf! Just make sure to cater this gift to who will be receiving it. This is a good gift for a secret santa present as well.



You can make a video full of memories. You don’t have to be a wizard with video editing or have equipment to do this. You can use iMovie on your iPhone or Macbook to figure this out. You can include short clips or photos. This is an easier way of compiling memories than having to make an actual scrapbook.


Do you guys have another other ideas? Please list them below. Maybe you can give someone else a gift idea.