Blogmas Day 6: Favorite Holiday Songs


So I was driving to work today and I wasn’t really in the best mood. Sometimes I have too much on my mind from the night before and I turn to music to make me feel better. Here are some Christmas songs that I think you guys might enjoy. It definitely gets you into the Christmas spirit and hopefully makes you smile. I would grab some headphones to make it easier.

Ok I know Mariah Carey fell off the past couples of years, but this version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is great ! She sounds amazing and this song really makes me happy. Relationships around this time of the year are very precious to most couples because you realize how thankful you really are for that person.

I love Jhene Aiko in this song! This song is really old and she made this version way before she became the Jhene we know now. This is off the B2K holiday album. Most people haven't heard this so I hope you enjoy.

You probably hear this song all Christmas long. His voice is really unique! He sings a lot of other songs you might be familiar with such as "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas", "White Christmas", "Silent Night", etc. You can find all these songs on his Christmas Album Medley.

This song is a classic! I feel like you can’t hate it even if you wanted to. I actually heard this in the supermarket the other day. It's a beautiful duet with Frank Loesser and his wife. 

You can’t forget “Jingle Bell Rock” from my favorite movie, Home Alone. This is definitely a great song to brighten up someone's mood during this holiday time. 😊😊😊😊

Let me know what holiday songs you love listening to.