Blogmas Day 17: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


Myoshi planned a fun Christmas Sweater party with her friend Devona. They rented out an Air BnB to host it, which is actually a great idea because instead of having people turn up at your apartment why not have them do it somewhere else. The night was filled with UNO, Taboo (midnight), beer pong, food and so much more. Myoshi bought the big UNO cards lol the ones that are hard as hell to even shuffle. The food was amazing as well. We had wings, buffalo chicken dip, shrimp pasta salad, sandwiches and Daykwan's lasagna. Everything was so damn good. Everyone surprisingly enough had on UGLY Sweaters. I mean you how some people are. They don't want to go with the theme of the party. I bought mine the day of. I went to Target and they were sold out! So, I had to rush over to Walmart and buy mine and CB's. It was really funny because they are only had kid sizes so I got a large and was hoping for the best. I wasn't trying to win anything but I didn't want to be that person who didn't even attempt to wear an ugly sweater. There were 3 winners of the night. Prizes were wine bottle, movie tickets and a gift card. I didn't even get to see the winners that's how drunk I was, but it was a fun time. I'm scrambling through these pictures to see what I can even upload lol. Right now, I am still trying to get over the hang over. I have to make it to my mom's house so she can make us sandwiches.