Blogmas Day 16: The One Thing I Love About Christmas

I loveeeeeeeeeee GIVING presents to the people I care about the most! I mentioned this in my Christmas Tag a bit. I'm just that person that loves seeing other people smile and if I can have an impact on that then I am all for it. When I buy presents for others it's never something generic. I can of course spends hundreds of dollars on something you will love but I want you to have something meaningful. I don't want to go in detail on something I am making for someone because that person might read this but I hope you can see the effort I put in. I wanted to actually film myself making it so that might have to be a post of sometime after Christmas so I don't spoil the surprise. But anyway, I don't put a price to people I love. 

As for receiving gifts, it's like yeah that's cool and all but it's not mandatory. I normally don't have a list of things I need to have because I can obviously buy those things for myself. But it is fun to see what people get me though. It's like wow you really know me and you know how to make me smile. That's the best part about the holidays. 

This year I feel like 2 people have really held me down! That's not to say that no one else was there. I mean I already made a post about my family, but Myoshi and CB have really held me down. I think this year I cried more than any other year. There has just been so many changes to my life and I'm thankful for them. This year I paid close attention to how I want to thank them with my gifts and I hope they love it.