Blogmas Day 15: Kids Gift Guide


I mentioned before that Christmas these past couple of years has been for my nephews. We occasionally get the adults gifts but it's really about the kids. So I wanted to talk about a few toys that I got my nephews these past couple of years.

One of the first year I was able to get them gifts I got an inflatable trampoline. It was a mini version with a basketball hoop inside. It was appropriate for kids under 5 years old. 

Another year, my family chipped in money to get them a tree house with a swing set. It has a slide and swings attached to it. Of course we didn't assemble it lol But it's one of those gifts that can be used for years. My nephews are 1, 3, and 5 yrs old so they can all use that gift. 

This year my sister wants me to buy them the movie Jumanji. My nephew Joseph is obsessed with that movie so I definitely want to get it for him. I'm still thinking about what I should get the other 2. Pajama sets or clothes are always a good idea, but you know how kids are lol. I sometimes try to get them educational games too. They have lots of regular toys but Jonathan is getting older and he should start learning his numbers and letters. Justin still drools on everything so little toys that make noises are fine for him.

Are there any trending gifts I should keep in mind?