Blogmas Day 14: My Christmas Wish List


I was skeptical about making a Christmas List as one of my posts. I normally don’t have anything in particular that I want for Christmas. Most things I like I just buy them myself. I will try my best to make a list I things I want, but it’s not anything crazy.

Here’s My Wish List:


Spa Date

Ok this isn’t exactly a present you can just wrap up but I’ve been wanting to go to a Spa for a while now. Getting massages with my partner and just relaxing would definitely be a nice touch.


So I’ve been talking about my camera equipment for a while now and I kind of want to upgrade. Only problem is that I don’t know what I want to upgrade it to. I currently has DSLR Canon Rebel T3 with the standard lens. I wanted to buy an 80mm lens that does more close up shots and blurs the background.  I also was thinking of getting a more portable camera. A point and shoot camera that has viewfinder that flips up so you can see yourself recording. More recently I have seen people use a Sony camera to vlog and make Youtube videos. Bottom line really is that I just want a more portable camera that can help with taking photos and making videos for my blog.

iPad Mini

Okay I know this one is a little much but I secretly been wanting an iPad. Even though I have a Macbook, sometimes I want something a little bit smaller for me to check out my blog. My phone doesn’t always cut it for me so an iPad mini would be very convenient.


I’ve been wanting to buy myself some new sneakers for the longest I just never know what I want. I want something comfortable and cute. I could definitely use a pair for the gym but also one for everyday wear. Aside from sneakers, I want to get some boots. It can be low booties or thigh-high boots I just want something more casual that doesn’t have a heel.


Ok so most people know that I’m not one to carry a handbag. Normally, I carry a wristlet with me with my IDs and cards. However, I would love to get more into purses. I think it will help me keep all my items together. I won’t say a particular brand because I’m not too picky. I just want something versatile.

Gift Basket

I love giving presents that have a bunch of small items inside. I would love a basket full of face masks and smell good products. You can even put cute water bottles lol I always get cute stuff from Francesca's. But you can’t go wrong with having lots of lotions or sprays. I always love to pamper myself when I get a chance so this would be a lovely gift and maybe some candles. I always love the smell of candles.

I'm sure I will add on to this list as I think of more stuff, but these are just things that came to mind. It's nothing that I need urgently but it would be nice to have. I would appreciate any gift someone gives me regardless.