Blogmas Day 13: Perfect Holiday Date

I haven’t been on too many dates, but I really just enjoy the intimate ones where you can really connect with you partner. I actually mentioned some of my ideas on my Holiday Bucket List

If I were to plan the perfect date then it would go something like this:


A simple brunch at your favorite local spot would be great. I recently had a breakfast date to Urban Griddle and it was amazing. The food was great and it’s not everyday that you get up early to enjoy breakfast. So, definitely take your date to your favorite brunch place. Make sure to eat enough so that you don’t have to worry about eating for a couple of hours.


Then hit New York City. Make sure to head over to The Rockefeller Center. Near this area you can admire the huge tree and do some ice skating. Make sure to remain bundled up but enjoy as much time there as possible. Ice skating can be a little intimidating at first so be prepared to fall.


Afterwards, you can go to a nice restaurant. I love Spanish food so I prefer Dominican, Cuban or Colombian restaurants. You really can’t go wrong with that. And to end the night enjoy a sweet dessert. I’ve been seeing a lot of people eat rolled ice cream. I personally tried some in California and it was sooooo good.

Don’t forget to take pictures throughout the night! Memories are what I love the most and you can just keep it between you and your partner to make it special.

I really think this it would be a fun day just to spend time with your partner. There are definitely other things to do in the city like go to a comedy club or Broadway show. But if you don’t have enough time to plan anything this would be great. You don’t need reservations you just go with the flow.