Philosophy Skincare Routine

Before I get into my new routine from Philosophy, please click below to read my old skincare routine. I decided to change my routine about 2 months ago because my skin was extremely red and sensitive. The texture of my skin was really patchy and honestly I kept feeling a burning sensation. I’m not sure what even caused this reaction, but I’m so grateful that I was able to find a solution for it.


So, I went to ULTA Beauty for the first time. I walked to the skincare side and I was really overwhelmed. There were so many products to try and I had no idea what was fit for my skin. As I looked at the Mario Badescu line, a store representative at ULTA approached me and offered some help. She asked me a few questions about the texture of my skin and if I had any allergies. As she looked at my skin, I told her about the reaction I was having on my cheeks. I wasn’t sure how it began or if it was due to the change in weather.

She immediately brought me over to the Philosophy line. In my head I was skeptical, but I wanted to hear her out because I was in desperate need of something to calm my skin. She showed me a trial kit for $34. I really didn’t mind trying a new skincare system for that low of a price. To this day, I still have the cleanser from the trial kit, so I really got my money’s worth. The trial set is called Philosophy: A Glowing Skin Regimen. Inside of the package came a Purity cleanser, Time in a Bottle serum, and a Renewed Hope in a Jar under eye cream and face lotion.

I’m just going to stop right there. If you have never tried the Renewed Hope in a Jar face lotion, it will literally change your life. Unfortunately, it is so damn expensive when you buy the individual container but I know for a fact this product is was healed my textured skin completely. I felt a tingly sensation at first but as my skin renewed itself it didn’t hurt as much. This reaction on my cheeks that you see in this photo was on both sides of my face and it cleared up completely in 2 days. This is not even an exaggeration, ONLY 2 DAYS!

Another very important piece to this skincare regimen is the MicroDelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash. This didn’t come with the trial set so when purchasing it there are different sizes to choose from. I picked the 8 fl. oz. bottle and I’m still using it 2 months later with more than half the bottle remaining. Now, this part of the regimen I knew was necessary because you have to exfoliate no matter how sensitive your skin is. This is how you will get rid of dead skin and help unclog your pores. The good thing about this specific one is that the beads are very tiny and gentle enough to use daily. The last holy grail item I purchased at ULTA is the Clinique City Block Sheer Protector SPF 25, which is basically SPF to protect my skin. This is the first product I have ever purchased from Clinique and I was really doubting the price. I mean $26 for some SPF, why? But honestly I’m glad I spent the money on it. This is one product that I think people really overlook. You don’t realize how much damage the sun does to your skin if you don’t have any protection on it. It definitely makes sense why my scars would never lighten up, but I didn’t even think about putting SPF on. Especially someone like me who constantly goes on vacation and likes to lay out in the sun, I realized how important it was to get this. All 3 of the products have been a game changer in improving the texture of my skin and making it glow!

Here are the detailed steps for my skincare routine:

Morning Routine

  1. Wet face with cold water

  2. Exfoliate with MicroDelivery Face Wash

  3. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry

  4. Use a dime size of the Time in a Bottle serum on problem areas

  5. Spread a light layer of the Renewed Hope in a Jar face lotion

  6. Massage a small amount of the Renewed Hope in a Jar Eye underneath both eyes

  7. Protect dark marks with Clinique City Block Sheer Protector SPF 25

Night Routine

  1. Wet face with cold water

  2. Gently wash face with Purity cleanser

  3. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry

  4. Repeat steps 4-6 from the morning routine

I followed this exact skin care routine for 1.5 months until I ran out of the serums and eye creams. I am still using the MicroDelivery Exfoliating face wash, Purity cleanser and Clinique SPF. The only real change in my regimen now is the face lotion. I am using the POND’S: Dry Skin Cream. To be honest, if the Renewed Hope line wasn’t so expensive I would repurchase it. But for now, POND’S is working just fine.

Now, I know you are wondering if I do any face masks. And of course I do! I try to do them at least once a week, but if I feel the need for some deep cleaning I will do it twice a week. Normally, I like to use my Aztec Healing Clay Mask, but I recently purchased the ClearProof Deep-Cleansing Charcoal from Mary Kay and I have been loving it. You can apply it with your fingers or a brush and let it sit on your skin for 20 minutes. Then, you can wash it off with warm water. This mask is honestly very soothing and does a great job at cleaning out my pores.



Here are my results! My skin is not perfect, but I think consistency and staying away from toners has helped calm my skin a lot. I have also been able to improve my textured skin and lighten up my dark marks. Skin is really a trial and error thing, so I can’t say the products I use will work for you. However, I will say that it’s worth a try to use a trial set before spending lots of money on full size bottles.

I would love to hear about what products work for you guys.

Comment your favorite skin care products below and let me know if you would like to see a HAIR ROUTINE post!