Dream Machine

Has anyone noticed that “Art Museums” are trending all of a sudden? Like it’s pretty crazy. Every week I see posts of a brand new art museum I’ve never heard of before.

Don’t get me wrong though, I think it’s great! All of them have different rooms and experiences for you to take lots of photos, literally Instagrammable moments.

The first one I went to with Myoshi was called “Dream Machine”. We didn’t know what to really expect or how things were going to go; but we made sure to look cute enough for pics. We stayed away from wearing jeans because it was advertised as an interactive playground. So to me, that meant I was going to be jumping into something. I wore a black one-piece from boohoo.com with my yeezys and jean jacket. It was a very comfortable but cute vibe.

When we got there of course we were rushing. The place was like 40 mins away, but with crazy New York traffic it really took 1 hour and 30 mins. You have to purchase these type of experiences/museums in advance for a certain time slot, so we were nervous that they wouldn’t let us in. The tickets are only $38. But when we got there they let us go with the next group which was fine.

The whole experience of the different rooms depicted different stages of a dream. The concept was that once you leave a certain room you won’t be able to go back to it because in dreams you aren’t able to revisit them once they pass. The rooms were very interesting and had different props you can use to get cool photos. My favorite room had to be the laundry one, it had a secret room behind the “dryers” which looked like a space full of crystals.

This post is really just to share more photos from my experience and not write too much. I recently visited another art museum called “The Color Factory” which has a similar concept so be on the lookout for that post.

Have you been to Dream Machine before or a different art museum? I would love to hear about other ones in the area so I can go.