Quick Update

I know I've been gone for like almost 2 months! A lot has happened and I wanted to share this post before getting to all the good stuff with my last couple of trips. So, I moved into a new apartment in June. I love the place; so much more space! Still trying to get Sasha (🐕) comfortable with the new place but overall it's a lot more "homey" than the last. I still haven't recorded a video of the entire place; but I will get to that. Myoshi and I definitely put a lot more effort this time around in making things look pretty; especially in our individual rooms.

After the move, I went to West Virginia to visit Esraa. Then, we celebrated Myoshi's 25th birthday with a brunch and spa day. And this leads up to my most recent trips now in August where I went to D.R. with my brother for a wedding and then D.C. last weekend with Esraa. Don't worry I will post pics from everything I've been up to. I've been documenting everything it's just hard to post as frequently as I used to. Sasha is definitely becoming a handful and responsibilities at work have been changing daily. I wouldn't say much has changed with my schedule but I am making more time to put my blog first. This is the first year that I travelled so much out of the country as well as in the country so I definitely want to share it with you.

Stay tuned for the next post! 


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