Spot Treatment


I recently posted an Updated Skincare Routine and I wanted to tell you guys about an amazing spot treatment. I am still using same products from the previous post and added a few more alternatives. Every morning and night I wash my face with the same Neutrogena facial bar. Honestly, it is so refreshing and lightweight for sensitive skin. For toner, I started switching between apple cider vinegar and the “Breath of Fresh Air” spray from LUSH products. Sometime ACV can be really abrasive when it comes to active acne wounds on your face. This is way I started using the LUSH product for a little while. I spray it all over my face and using a round cotton pad to wipe off any excess. This spray contains sea water, aloe vera gel and rose. It is meant to calm redness and hydrate the skin. After this, I still use my St. Ive Collagen Elastin Facial moisturizer. Seriously, the best moisturizer I have ever purchased. It is sooooooooo hydrating and light. I recently purchased the Mario Badescu Facial Spray containing aloe, herb and rosewater. I love that you can use this before or after moisturizer and even substitute this as a setting spray after applying makeup.

Now that my face is completely clean and moisturized, I go in with a spot treatment. This is my first time using tea tree oil. I have purchased products in the past that contained tea tree oil as an ingredient, but they do not compare to using the actual product. I bought a small bought from CVS. It can run you from $8-$10. I was really skeptical about using it because I researched so many YouTube videos and reviews on it that had mixed results. Tea tree oil can potentially burn or mark your skin if it is not diluted first. Also, it can damage your skin if you use it and you are getting too much sunlight. Many people recommended that you only use it as a spot treatment at night before going to bed, making sure you do not spread it across other areas of your face. I put the product on 2 spots before testing it out on other areas of my face. I used my ring finger to dab it into that area. It is really important to just place/dab the product on the acne instead of rubbing it in.

With my experience so far, tea tree oil is extremely drying to those areas. It will cause your acne to flake and turn a little white. I was really scared that I made my acne worse, but I didn’t at all. My acne turned from being really red and inflamed to a light pink color that was healing after 2 days. Tanning can make your acne scars worse so I wanted to avoid that at all costs. After a week of using Tea Tree oil and drinking lots of water my scars were starting to fade. I really wish I would have tried this spot treatment sooner. I even put it on day 1 acne bumps and it smooth those areas out really quick. You just have to be patient with your acne and remember no to pick it. Even if you see a scab forming just leave it alone. It’s going to look ugly but that is a part of the healing process.

It was tough for me because I personally don’t wear makeup like I used to. Makeup used to really be a daily routine for me. Now, I would be surprised if I wear it when I go out. I just notice that when I tried to wear light makeup a bump would always appear. So, I rather just be bare faced all the time. Don’t get me wrong. I love makeup, but not at the cost of having bad skin. At most if I really want to be a little glam, I will use concealer under my eyes, highlighter and mascara.