Road to Venice: Day 2

If you didn't read about my Day 1 in Cali yet, I would go do that first lol. It definitely sets the tone for my vacation. 

For Day 2, we planned to go to Venice Beach. The last time I was there I really enjoyed the atmosphere, so I knew I wanted to bring Myoshi there. But our first move on our agenda was to hit Rodeo Drive. Let's not get this confused. We know we can't afford anything there but the experience is what counts lol. We got there around 2pm. Walked up and down Rodeo. Honestly, it is just a beautiful place. Michael Kors was probably the only designer we could attempt to afford.

We didn't spend too much time there. We were really just trying to take a selfie in front of this selfie booth on Rodeo Drive. Honestly, it's the cutest thing. The struggle was real though. That sun was shining all in our eyes. We managed to get a good photo with #onlyonrodeo in it. 


The next detour on our way to Venice Beach was meeting up with my friend Ray. He moved to California with his girlfriend just a little under a year ago. They live in Sherman Oaks, California. I haven't seen him since he left so this was the perfect chance to catch up.  

"Happy Hour" anyone?

Ray always knows the best food places so I knew not to question his judgement. We went to a happy hour spot for margaritas and tacos. I'm not a fan of margaritas but it was actually really good. As for tacos, I can eat them all day long!


They had fish tacos! I had steak tacos, wings and my mango margarita. It was all so good. Shoutout to Ray for knowing all the good spots and it was only a couple of blocks from his apartment.

For dessert, he recommended we get Thai ice cream from Igloo Parlor. Honestly, this tops my Cold Stone obsession. I got one that had a Nutella Ice Cream base with Ferrero Rocher chocolate Drizzled with Nutella greatness. This was my first time trying Nutella. And it's sooooooo good. I'm not even sure why I was opposed to it before. 


I had so much fun that it was sad to leave. But Myoshi and I were also trying to beat traffic so we could still make it to Venice Beach. We managed to take this cute selfie tho. 😁 

Arriving to Venice Beach, we knew exactly what we wanted. It was the perfect opportunity to get some piercings! I personally don't have any tattoos but piercings are right up my alley. Myoshi wanted to get her nose re- pierced because she took out her original one. I already have my nose pierced so I was debating between my cartilage or tragus. I was scared about both honestly, but I decided on cartilage. It hurt then and it still hurts now as I'm writing this post. 😂 It is such a sensitive spot that takes almost 6 months to heal, which is ridiculous. 

The Venice Beach Boardwalk has a whole lot going on. We really wanted to get some henna tattoos but a lot of places were closing. We also didn't feel like waiting. We just walked around and enjoyed the scenery.

It was getting dark so we headed out. We stopped in L.A. again to see Myoshi's cousin, Angie. I will show some of that in my next vlog. We ate some Thai food and called it a night. lol yea, I can't even believe we did all of this in one day. This trip was definitely not one where I got to much sleep.

Stay tuned for the rest of my Cali trip for "Day 3".