Vlog #4


In Episode 4 of my VLOG series, I am showing you guys what a normal day spent with AJ is like (which is always long and exhausting lol). This video was taken after out photoshoot with the graffiti in my previous post.

We visited a THRIFT store, then made our way towards New York. We met up with 2 of AJ's friends who were already in the city to eat some tacos. We met up at The Taco Shop. Those tacos were really amazing! If you happen to go there, then definitely order the "pork belly" tacos. Don't thank me though, that was all AJ's idea. You won't be disappointed. Afterwards, his friends decided to get piercings. It was a nice ass day so why not be spontaneous.


I hope you enjoy watching this vlog as much as I enjoyed making it. There will definitely be more videos to come. 

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