Cin Talks: Finding Yourself

I was inspired to write this post by one of my co-workers. He said my life seems so fun. And I said it's because I'm living care-free. Making the best out of my free time to bring creative content to your timeline. Traveling the world, eating the best food, sporting the hottest trends is how I keep myself relevant to this social media game. And I have fun doing it. 

You have to make sure you are LIVING. Not only alive, but actually LIVING. It's so easy to get stuck in daily routines. We go through the motions day in and day out waiting for the weekend to come. After we drink and dance it's right back to work on Monday. Making the most out of your day and your money is how you will begin to finally LIVE.

I fell victim to a routine about 3 years ago. I was in my senior year of college at Rutgers University (New Brunswick Campus) and I was taking 18 credits with 1 internship and 2 part-time jobs. I had no time for sleep. I then transitioned to a full time position at 1 of my jobs and quit the other right after graduation and my life turned for the worse. I worked 40+ hours a week, with 2 days off each week. I went to work, came home to sleep, then the routine continued. My days off consisted of sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping. I didn't understand why I was so tired. I was wasting my time doing absolutely nothing. I also had a relationship that drained my energy even more. I only wanted to hang out with him and if he wasn't available I would stay home and sleep. I then fell into another situation with another person who made me feel as though I didn't deserve that title of being in a relationship. As if I wasn't good enough. My self-esteem was as low as it could get and I knew from that point that I needed to stop living my life based off the people around me. I needed to make sure that I was happy all on my own. I don't need anyone to make me happy or to love me because I can do that for myself.

2 years later coming into 2016 I learned that I'm getting older and I don't have time to waste. My 20s are my years to enjoy life as much as possible. I started getting back into blogging and creating content. I had my site for years and just kept putting it off for another day. Enough was enough. I put all my energy into revamping my site and establishing a new domain name. "Dose of Cin" which means so much to me because it's a taste of the growth others have noticed in me. I used to be too shy to show this side of me to others (especially friends). I wasn't sure if what I had to offer in terms of content was "dope" enough. My video and photo edits were so simple that I didn't think they would impress anyone. The same goes for my writing. I just write the thoughts that come to mind. I have honestly grown into the personality I have established for myself. I'm not just a curly-haired girl that wants to start a blog and a youtube channel. I have "honest" content that I want to share to help others grow. I have so many life lessons I want to share through my experiences. My blog has turned into a space for me to share places I have traveled and has even extended to showcasing my fitness journey, style and daily experiences.

I would love to hear about any changes you guys have made in your lives. Change doesn't have to be something negative. It can help you grow to a better version of yourself.