Moving Day


Hey guys! How was your Memorial Day Weekend?! 

Mine was spent moving into my new apartment. My best friend Myoshi and I have been apartment hunting for about 2 months. The prices were seriously beyond ridiculous, but we finally set our minds on this one ! We have access to a water/dryer in the unit and a beautiful kitchen.

If picking out the apartment wasn't hard enough, decorating was definitely a struggle. We had to figure out what color scheme we wanted. We were going back and forth with a blue, green, blush or neutral theme. We had to make sure we picked something that would match the the gray countertops in the kitchen. We ended up picking a blue/green seafoam color for towels, paintings and decorative pillows. It went well with the GRAY tones.

We mainly got our stuff from Home Goods and Walmart. I would definitely recommend these places to anyone looking for inexpensive pieces. In the video, I pointed out the things we purchased and where we got them from.

Let me know how you guys feel about my set up. We literally move in a couple of days ago and things are still in the works. Shout out to our friends who helped make the move in process so much easier!