Bouncy Curls


Greasy hair? Itchy scalp? It is WASH DAY!

In the past and when I say past I actually mean just recently lol I use to wet my hair every single day. Yes. Normal people use a spray bottle to add some moisture to their hair. But, I would literally just wash my hair all over again because by the end of the day my hair would look like a dried up afro. My hair would be really dry, hard to detangle and just a hassle. But I think my main problem was embracing the fact that I have lot of hair and the products I was using were not doing the job of moisturizing my hair. 

First thing I did this time around was go to the hair salon to cut my ends. My split ends were so terrible. Adding product to dead hair is just point less. So, I had my hairstylist cut my hair in layers to give my curls some bounce and help frame my face better.

Now for my wash ! I love using the Quenching Coconut Curls Shampoo and Conditioner. It smells great and adds a lot of moisture to my roots. After applying the conditioner, I start detangling my hair.

Then, I rinse some of the conditioner out and begin to use Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and I seal that with my DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel. I recently got into the habit of finger curling my hair thanks to my friend Gina. I start by sectioning my hair off and twirling each strand with both products in my hand. After my entire head is done, I use my diffuser on a low heat to dry my hair. I flip my hair from side to side and let my curls fall naturally and I'm DONE!


Diffusing is the best way to add volume and bounce to your curls!