Cin Talks: Let's Build Together

I have yet to meet someone that wants what I want in a relationship. I don't want to build around uncertainty. I want to be with someone who wants me as much as I want them. This has to be followed by trust, loyalty, forgiveness, etc. 

This all starts with communication. I want him to understand how I am feeling in the best way I can describe it. Too many people want to give their perspective on a situation but they don't actually listen to what the other person is really saying. No one wants to intentionally have an argument. That's just stupid. It's called having a conversation and respecting each other's point of view. 

I want him to be my biggest supporter. I want him to appreciate the things I love and in return I will support his interests. I will take the initiative to be involved in what makes them happy because we are a team. I can't ask you to support me if I don't take interest in what you love.

I want somebody that has goals. Everybody has different struggles in life and shit happens, but what are you doing to make the best out of that situation. I'm not looking to get bags, shoes and money because I can provide that for myself. I just want to be able to build with someone and experience life.

I want a home that is filled with love and that provides security. I want to make sure as a team we are more than good. My parents have always done what they needed for me and my 2 siblings to make it through catholic school and all the way to college graduation. I want to provide that same support for my kids in the future.